To lead the world with our products and services. 
To deliver products that are unparalleled in their quality, security and durability. 
To create a legacy that is timeless.


To create advanced, high quality banknotes and passports for Australia and international customers. We pride ourselves on products that are unique, secure and enduring services, which are customer focused.

NPA's core values as an ethical organisation


Commitment and Excellence
To provide service excellence and commitment to all customers.

Respect and Honesty
To work in an environment where trust, team spirit, pride and integrity is part of everything we do.

Diversity and Fairness
To recognise that we are all different, encourage diversity and provide equality to all.


Responsibility and Accountability
To set the example, to take ownership, to challenge and support one another.  


Innovation and Improvement
To advance, strive and create opportunities to improve our product, our process and our people.


Safety and Compliance
To ensure the safety of ourselves and those around us and be disciplined in all areas of risk management and environmental sustainability.