After supplying security printed passport pages for many years, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) chose NPA to take over full control of Australian passport manufacturing in 2002.

After a rapid start-up period with a small and energetic team, NPA first started producing passports in 2003.  Note Printing Australia quickly showed its ability to industrialise innovative new security features in security documents when it incorporated an electronic chip into the Australian passport to create its first ePassport in 2004.

Since that time, NPA has produced almost 25 million ePassports as well as an extensive range of machine readable travel documents.  It has designed, developed and delivered four generations of Australian travel documents across the last 15 years. In printing the current Australian P series, and in now making preparations for the upcoming R series, NPA has developed a network of knowledge and relationships throughout the travel document industry that ensures it stays on the leading edge of passport technology and design.


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