Our people are proud to produce Australia’s currency and passports.

From varied backgrounds and cultures, our people take great pride in their work and stay with NPA for more than 15 years on average. We support our people to achieve a healthy work life balance and promote an inclusive culture that encourages innovation and improvement.

We believe diversity is key to that aim and strive for cultural and gender diversity. NPA is a member of the Diversity Council of Australia and an active participant in national equality surveys.

Read more here about NPA’s attitude and approach to quality, environment, and workplace health and safety.


A wholly owned subsidiary of the Reserve Bank of Australia and operating under a charter approved by the RBA board, NPA has its own Board of Directors and Executive Committee.



Chris Aylmer
Non-executive Director (Chair),
Note Printing Australia Limited
Head of Risk and Compliance,
Reserve Bank of Australia

Greg Johnston
Non-executive Director,
Note Printing Australia Limited
Head of Payments Settlements,
Reserve Bank of Australia

Ross Pilling
Non-executive Director,
Note Printing Australia Limited

Michelle McPhee
Non-executive Director (Alternate Chair),
Note Printing Australia Limited
Head of Banking,
Reserve Bank of Australia

Robert Middleton-Jones
Non-executive Director,
Note Printing Australia Limited
Chief Financial Officer,
Reserve Bank of Australia


Executive LEADERSHIP TEAM Members

Malcolm McDowell
Chief Executive Officer

Peter Stegner
Head of Corporate Services

Dean McGrath
Head of Technical Services

Alan Fahy
Head of Risk Management & Compliance

Ashley Hannon
Head of Business Services & Security

Steve Casey Head of Marketing & Communications

Evie Highland
Head of Human Resources

Dean Stephens
Head of Operations

Nuwan Kalpage
Head of Commercial Services

David Garvie
Head of Quality and Process Engineering

Peter Ballas
Head of Business Excellence