Unique Location

While printing paper banknotes, the ‘Note Printing Branch’ as it was previously known was operating across five floors in a building located in the inner-city suburb of Fitzroy. In the ‘70s, management realised they needed a purpose-built facility and in 1981 the current high-security site in Craigieburn was completed. 

Today, this high security site includes NPA’s 40,000m2 main production building (including DFAT offices) and a 3000m2 staff centre, as well as the RBA’s recently completed National Banknote Distribution Centre, and CCL Secure’s polymer substrate production facility.  Right next door to our site is the Innovia Films’ production plant that manufactures the polymer film for CCL Secure’s Guardian® polymer substrate – one of only two sites in the world.  Taken in its entirety, with every facet of the polymer banknote printing process accounted for in this one area, the Craigieburn site is the world’s most unique banknote precinct.