5 December 2018, Hanoi – During his presentation at the HSP Asia conference today, Note Printing Australia’s Head of Commercial Services Nuwan Kalpage today announced the company’s new organisational tagline that it will use in banknote and passport markets as it builds the NPA brand internationally, increases its efforts around customer and market engagement, and connects NPA employees to customers and stakeholders more frequently. 

“The Spirit of High Security is the attitude we take to the market, it’s the spirit with which we take on the world and engage with the community. The Spirit of High Security tells us and our customers that we’re part of something bigger,” he said. 

In consultation with the Board, the Executive Committee, and various employees throughout the business, it was agreed that the ‘Spirit of High Security’ is a true reflection of an attitude and approach to working that has been part of NPA from its earliest days. 

“The organisational tagline is really saying to the market “this is who we are” and this is how we want you to think of us. So it must be an absolutely true and authentic reflection of this business or customers will see it as phony.  There is no doubt in my mind that it is this Spirit of High Security that links everyone in this business,” said Nuwan. 

The distinctive wisp that forms part of the Spirit graphic was inspired by NPA’s first printed polymer banknote, the Commemorative Bicentennial $10 note issued in 1988 which features iconic and distinctive aboriginal dot painting. 

“The wisp’s dot style is a reference to the artwork on this first note, as well as the ochre colour which is placed in the centre of the wisp and is the predominant colour of this amazing banknote,” he said. 

Inside NPA, this theme has already taken life via graphics being added to the walls to support this position, making the strongest possible statement to customers when they visit the plant, and as a regular reminder to employees about what makes NPA a great Australian company.

Spirit of High Security Tagline Graphic Nov18.PNG