5 October 2019 - With news that current NPA Board Chair Chris Aylmer has decided to retire from the Reserve Bank of Australia at the end of 2019, the RBA Board has appointed Susan Woods as his replacement.  

 Chris concludes a highly successful career at the RBA after 40 years of service, working his way through the Bank in various roles to eventually become Head of Risk & Compliance, in which he was influential in creating a more open culture at the Bank.

 “I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the teams at NPA and the RBA and have always found central bank issues and serving the public good to be very stimulating,” says Chris.  “A standout change for me over my time at the Bank has been the increased transparency – if we are to be independent, then we also need to be accountable.” 

 Susan Woods joined the RBA in March 2018. In her role as Assistant Governor (Corporate Services), Susan oversees the Bank's Information Technology and Workplace (Facilities Management) departments.

 “I am thrilled to be joining the NPA Board and work with the company at this stage of its evolution.  As an organisation with a long established history and carrying responsibility for important national infrastructure, I’m conscious of the obligations this creates and very pleased to have the opportunity to contribute to NPA’s future as the Chair,” says Susan.

 Susan has held various roles in the private sector for over 20 years. Before joining the Bank she was General Manager of Business Technology & Transformation at StatePlus, where she was responsible for information technology, the design and implementation of a new operating model for the business, and the enterprise strategic project portfolio. Before that she was a Partner of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu in strategy and operations consulting, and has held senior roles with Capgemini and Ernst & Young. She is also a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (ICAA).

 “I enjoy working with organisations to build and execute effective strategy that will enable them to fulfil their mission and purpose,” she says.  “I’m therefore looking forward to working with the NPA team to leverage my experiences in their unique environment.”

 Susan will officially take up her role as NPA Chair in December.

 In reflecting on his career, Chris cites his role as NPA Chair as one of the highlights.

 “It was great to be involved in the production of real things that are so important to Australians – banknotes and passports,” he says.  “I really enjoyed the interaction with people on the floor and the visitor presentations. Everyone at NPA seems to be heavily invested in what they are doing, and trying to be better at it.”

 Chris’ leadership and support for the changes NPA has been implementing are well known to many at NPA, and he leaves the role of Chair proud of the momentum that the business has built and the Board has supported.

 “The changes at NPA that stand out for me over the past few years are the drive to do things better, implement standardised work, improve internal and external communications, and the desire of the staff to take full responsibility for outcomes and for NPA’s future,” says Chris.  “Another standout for me is the constructive working relationship that now exists between NPA and Note Issue Department.”

 Malcolm is effusive in his praise of Chris when he says “During a very challenging period for NPA in the early years of NGB production, Chris’s guidance and support has been significant for our business, and me personally.  Chris has been an extremely effective Board Chair and a wonderful person to work with. His contribution to our business will endure and be looked back upon with great admiration and appreciation.”

Smooth Transition: Susan Woods (second from left) joins a very proactive and engaged NPA Board team in (L-R) Ross Pilling, Robert Middleton-Jones, retiring Chair Chris Aylmer, Greg Johnston, and Michelle McPhee.

NPA Board Pilling, Woods, Middleton-Jones Aylmer Johnston McPhee Aug19.jpg