April 26, 2019 - The Central Bank of the Solomon Islands recently revealed the new polymer $5 design to the international banknote community which is due for issue on 2 May, the United Nations World Tuna Day.  The presentation was made at Currency Conference 2019 which was staged in Dubai.

 Daniel Haridi, Chief Manager – Currency, Banking, and Payments Department, outlined the note handling challenges of cash usage through more than 600 islands and the results of a comprehensive currency review conducted by the bank that revealed an opportunity for improved performance on the five-dollar note.

 "Given the humidity and the common practice of crumpling banknotes, the review concluded that polymer would better serve the community for use as a market note due to its durability," said Mr Haridi.

 He also explained the major design themes of the new note, which focuses on creating a sustainable and responsible fishing industry to provide long term economic security for the nation, as well as the importance of community and social cohesion.

 "The design features a yellowfin tuna and a traditional fishing hook on the front of the note to signal the importance of sustainability.  On the reverse side, we see a traditional spear-fishing scene that highlights the need to preserve and promote community activity as we move into the future," he said.

 As a symbol of progress for the Solomon Islands, Mr. Haridi also announced that the new polymer banknote will be the first circulating note in the world to include a new ultraviolet (UV) ink security feature.

 "This feature can only be seen under UV light, and consists of two UV inks which are red and yellow on this note, that are also combined to create a third colour which is orange.  The visual effect is stunning and authorities checking the new note under UV light will be able to instantly authenticate the note," said Mr. Haridi.

 The Central Bank of Solomon Islands will accompany the new note issue with a publicity campaign featuring posters and brochures that provide key information on the new banknotes.